DataKinetics Expands Relationship with IBM to Deliver Z Systems Mainframe Innovation

DataKinetics, a provider of mainframe performance and optimization solutions, is expanding its relationship with IBM to deliver Z systems mainframe innovation and new business value to the global Z community.

DataKinetics has a high-profile portfolio of IBM mainframe and IBM Z clients, including the world’s top global banks, financial services companies, credit card companies, and insurers (BFSI), and is a member of IBM PartnerWorld.

The expanded relationship will enable firms to enhance the performance and value of their IBM Z systems investments through the AIOps portfolio. These newly available tools are set to optimize mainframe performance, data performance, address capacity constraints, and derive greater value from customers’ Z systems investments.

IBM’s AIOps uses AI to simplify IT operations management and accelerate and automate problem resolution in complex modern IT environments. It bridges the gap between an increasingly diverse, dynamic, and difficult-to-monitor IT landscape, on the one hand, and user expectations for little or no interruption in application performance and availability, on the other. 

“Our customers demand highly-focused IBM mainframe innovation to solve their most complex and mission critical business challenges—an undertaking that we have embraced for 40-plus years that has become the defining factor in our global success,” said Allan Zander, CEO of DataKinetics. “It is for this very reason that we are now once again expanding our relationship with IBM to deliver another leading-edge solution that will come to define mainframe digital transformation in the years to come.”

As customers continue to innovate and transform their operations, DataKinetics’ in-memory processing technology will be leveraged to help operations teams take control of application optimization and cost independent of mainframe licensing model.

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