DataKinetics Launches Solution for Reducing Mainframe DB2 Loads

DataKinetics, a provider of mainframe transaction and performance solutions, announced a solution designed to increase mainframe data capacity and throughput while decreasing data access request time for DB2. The Java to DB2 Optimizer, initially developed by DataKinetics to solve Java to DB2 access issues in the mainframe of a large U.S. bank, helps minimize DB2 processing loads, first by reducing the number of I/Os to DB2 for read-only data, and replacing dynamic SQL queries with stored procedures. Using DataKinetics connectors, Optimizer was developed to further offload DB2 by providing an efficient transformation of the results of the SQL query into a Java format, eliminating the need to re-drive DB2 SQL queries to obtain additional results.

"The results of these changes are impressive. In our trial we were able to reduce the time it took for the SQL to execute on the mainframe by up to 90% simply by eliminating that additional load on DB2," says Larry Strickland, chief product officer for DataKinetics. "Not only can customers process more transactions per unit of time, but as the data accesses continue to grow, they continue to reap the benefits of the efficiencies that Java to DB2 Optimizer provides."

DataKinetics also announced it is releasing tableEXTENZ, a solution that extends the capability of its existing flagship product tableBASE, to address the ever-increasing load on DB2 to service the data requests of customers, employees and partners without hobbling the mainframe. tableBASE creates in-memory tables, loads those tables from sequential files or DB2 - and fetches the data from those tables and provides it to the application. tableBASE provides the shortest possible path to the data by replacing I/Os with in-memory fetches. A second product, VTS Manager, extends the ability of in-memory tables to be shared beyond a single LPAR and to work as part of a SYSPLEX.

More information is available at the DataKinetics website.