DataMentors Launches New Social Media Tech-Ed Program

DataMentors, a full-service provider of data quality and data integration solutions, has introduced a new social media technology education program called "Insights" to provide business decision-makers with observations and explanations on how to better identify the pitfalls and opportunities in the data management and data marketing categories. The two minute-or-less tech ed segments will be distributed through a cross-section of social media networks and various websites.  

According to DataMentors, its Insights program will provide non-technically oriented business executives the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the ever-increasing importance of accurate data management. Insights will address industry concerns such as data standardization priorities, business intelligence analytic prerequisites, database marketing techniques and strategies, complex event processing success fundamentals, and building critical householding architecture. 

"We found that among non-IT executives, there was a genuine desire to better understand the fundamentals surrounding the complexities of data quality and data integration. As line-of-business executives and IT professionals become more tightly linked in collaborative circles, it became apparent that a need existed for this store of information to be put into plain English that's easily understood," says Bob Orf, DataMentors president.

The Insight segments will be distributed quarterly and archived on the DataMentors website. For an Insights segment explaining the value of real-time cleansing and matching of data on YouTube, go here.