DataMotion SecureMail Automation Reduces Costs and Ensures Compliance

Cloud-based data delivery provider DataMotion has made available SecureMail Automation, an email encryption service that automates secure digital message distribution for businesses that send large volumes of sensitive communications such as email notices, monthly statements, patient information and document delivery. This is required for compliance with HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA and PCI regulations.

SecureMail Automation customers can keep running their existing applications and workflows, and can access messages with their own email clients and web browsers, with DataMotion overseeing account provisioning and password management. “SecureMail Automation is used by companies to cut costs instead of printing, faxing or sending high-volume delivery through the post office,” Bob Janacek, DataMotion co-founder and CTO, tells 5 Minute Briefing. DataMotion encrypts and delivers messages while tracking and logging when and where each message was opened by the intended recipient, including IP address, email address and timestamp. This provides for easy auditing and service level agreement (SLA) validation for organizations sending invoices, account statements or other custom notices.

Deployed as a service, SecureMail Automation requires no on-site hardware or coding and takes minutes to implement, so organizations in the government, financial, and healthcare sectors can get up and running quickly and easily, according to DataMotion. “You can run in our cloud so you don’t have to run your own systems, or if you’re running your own data center you can run the software on your own premise,” Janacek explains.

SecureMail Automation is available now through a Software-as-a-Service-based delivery model. For more information, visit