Newsletters Releases the Professional Edition of its Platform, the Data Products company, is releasing its Professional Edition of the Data Products Platform in response to a critical market demand: a fully managed and supported SaaS platform for dbt Core users on the Snowflake Data Cloud.  

According to the company, the Professional Edition is a purpose-built environment for small data teams and dbt Core developers, designed to allay the concerns associated with running production workloads on an open-source product. Professional enables small data engineering teams to scale, automate and safeguard data applications and data products in a fully supported SaaS environment. Professional Edition enables users to:

  • Move dbt Core projects into a fully managed, supported and enhanced environment.
  • Deliver dbt Core projects securely with secrets management, support for private links, and SSO (Single Sign On).
  • Automate dev environments leveraging CI/CD and the AI Copilot, to stay agile, release rapidly, and keep innovating.
  • Build data products in minutes not months leveraging the powerful web IDE, Data Product Wizard, and Co-Pilot AI assistance.
  • Ensure a No Risk investment model with a seamless upgrade path to the full Enterprise Edition.

"Today marks a new chapter for small data teams," said Justin Mullen, CEO and co-counder at "With the Professional Edition, dbt Core developers can now harness the full potential of a supported, secure, and robust DataOps environment with a fully managed and maintained dbt Core environment to build, lifecycle manage and deploy dbt Core workloads. Our solution is not just about managing data; it's about unleashing the potential of small data teams everywhere, without the fear of production failures, or the overhead of manually maintaining homegrown devops/dataops environments." Professional Edition is immediately available via both the Snowflake and AWS Marketplaces. 

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