DataSlide Announces Oracle's Embedded Berkeley Database Partnership

DataSlide, which describes itself as "the massively parallel green storage company," has announced their embedded architecture and Partnership Network agreement with Oracle. Oracle's Berkeley Database embedded onto the DataSlide storage drive enables third-party developers the ability to implement next-generation business intelligence right onto the storage system. The Oracle partnership represents a significant step for DataSlide as the company moves toward productizing Hard Rectangular Drives HRD.

DataSlide's Hard DB fits Oracle's Embedded Global Business Units OEM Charter by incorporating BerkeleyDB into the actual storage device itself (essentially a low energy, cool running, high performance, shock resistant hard drive) to make a 'smart' storage device.

According to Charles Barnes, CEO of DataSlide, the Hard Rectangular Drive HRD provides the industry reliability and cost advantages of hard disk drives with higher performance and lower power than solid state drives. The HRD is more than 60% lower power than HDD and during idle, the media has zero power dissipation, according to the company.

"We have always looked at the product, which as far as we are concerned from data centers is data stored and data delivered, and from a simple business point of view we can more than compete on capacity, but in terms of delivery, particularly IOPS/Watt, we are at least an order-and in the instance of hard drives, several orders-of magnitude better in terms of that, so the green message is very powerful but also it's a finance message as well," Barnes tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We deliver to business something that is both financially and environmentally effective."

DataSlide capitalizes on standard base process technologies to change how hard disk drives are made, and leverages mature cost-effective LCD and HDD processes to create "an ultra thin" massive 2D head array which enables symmetric read and write performance of 160,000 random R/W IOPS with transfer rate of 500MB/s, according to the vendor. For more information about DataSlide, go here.