DataStax Acquires Apache Cassandra Consultancy  

DataStax has acquired The Last Pickle, an Apache Cassandra consulting and services company. According to DataStax, The Last Pickle has been instrumental in helping enterprises, such as Spotify and NewRelic, harness the power of Cassandra, one of the fastest growing NoSQL databases. Most recently, The Last Pickle released popular open source tools, such as Cassandra Medusa and Cassandra Reaper.

"There's a huge market opportunity for NoSQL, and Cassandra is the most powerful NoSQL database in the world," said Chet Kapoor, CEO of DataStax. "DataStax and The Last Pickle are both at the forefront of Cassandra innovation. By joining forces, we strengthen our commitment to NoSQL, the open source Cassandra community, products, and innovation."

The Last Pickle has been providing consulting and support for Cassandra-based projects since March 2011. Individuals from the company are active participants in the Cassandra community, regular speakers at conferences, and experts at Cassandra-based systems.

"We are thrilled to officially join the talented DataStax team," said Aaron Morton, CEO of The Last Pickle. "We've worked closely with DataStax throughout the years, so we're excited to make it official. Together, we will make a bigger impact on the world." "Our mission is to connect every developer in the world to the power of Cassandra, with the freedom to run their data on any device and in any cloud. Welcoming The Last Pickle to DataStax gets us one step closer to achieving that," concluded Kapoor.

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