DataStax Acquires Open Source Graph Database Technology

DataStax has acquired Aurelius LLC, provider of the open source graph database Titan. The Aurelius team will join DataStax to build DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph, adding graph database capabilities into DSE alongside Apache Cassandra, DSE Search and Analytics. Development of DataStax Enterprise Graph will begin immediately with availability announcements coming later this year.

DataStax provides an enterprise distribution of Apache Cassandra,  an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers. “We take a big problem and we distribute it across a lot of nodes instead of trying to scale up," said Martin Van Ryswyk, EVP Engineering. "There is a lot of complexities in that that Cassandra has solved.” 

The addition of graph technology to DSE will empower enterprises with true ‘multi-model’ capabilities that deliver new levels of power and flexibility to transactional applications. With DataStax, customers have a single provider delivering these capabilities in a secure, always-on database platform that remains operationally simple when scaled in a single data center or across multiple data centers and clouds.

“Customers wanted it in one platform," said Van Ryswyk of the new capabilities being added to DataStax. "This is because they didn’t want so many moving pieces, and because they wanted to keep all the data in one product. We call it multi-model. From the distributed database side, we don’t see anybody doing this.” Customers have chosen Cassandra for its scale-out capabilities and they need graph functionality that does the same, he added.

Graph databases are designed to help model and explore data relationships in a way not possible with traditional relational databases, providing an advantage when used in specific use cases, such as recommendations, identity and access management, financial fraud detection, network impact analysis, logistics, and network and device management. 

As part of the acquisition, the experts behind TitanDB, including Dr. Marko Rodriguez, Dr. Matthias Broecheler as well as the entire Aurelius team, all of whom have hands-on experience with some of the most challenging graph database implementations in the world, are joining DataStax.

Additional details on the announcement, including how DataStax will support the TinkerPop open source graph computing community, can be found here.

For more information, go to the DataStax blog to read Robin Schumacher’s blog, “DataStax, Graph, and the Move to a Multi-Model Database Platform.”