DataStax Announces DataStax Enterprise 3.0 with Core Security Feature Set for Cassandra

Big data platform vendor DataStax has announced the early adopter program (EAP) of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 3.0, providing core security capabilities to the entire Cassandra community, as well as advanced data protection in an enterprise-grade database. This allows modern enterprises to confidently adopt NoSQL databases as they scale their big data infrastructure.

Built on Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise Edition is architected to manage real-time, analytic, and enterprise search data all in the same database cluster. DSE 3.0 provides security features to both the open source community and to the enterprise. “We took a number of the security features and made them freely available to anyone who wants to download Apache Cassandra. They will get a number of different security features that are really geared for open source use cases and environments that aren’t highly secure,” Robin Schumacher, vice president of products, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The open source security enhancements to Apache Cassandra include authentication based on internally controlled login accounts and passwords, object permission management based on the relational database GRANT/REVOKE paradigm, and client-to-node encryption, which protects data in flight from client machines to a database cluster.

DataStax Enterprise 3.0 also features enterprise security features. “We’ve retained a number of security features for the enterprise. These are the types of things a lot of modern businesses are looking for in terms of protecting the data they have under their care,” Schumacher explains. They include external authentication via Kerberos and LDAP, transparent data encryption that protects data at rest from theft and unauthorized read access, and data auditing that enables administrators to create audit trails of activity in the database cluster.

DataStax’s lastest solution features OpsCenter Enterprise 3.0, a visual browser-based solution for managing big data platforms. It features visual enterprise provisioning that simplifies and streamlines the creation and management of new clusters on-premise and in the cloud, as well as visual restore management for visual ways to restore a database cluster from backups. Lastly, OpsCenter Enterprise 3.0 features visual object management for increased support for visually creating and managing all database objects in a DSE cluster.

DataStax Enterprise 3.0 is currently in the early adopter program and has a general availability target date of February 25th. Visit to learn more.