DataStax Embarks on Partnership with Google

DataStax has completed initial testing of DataStax Enterprise on Google Compute Engine, which recently became generally available to all developers. According to the vendors, the joint testing resulted in positive outcomes for scenarios involving the need for operational stability, predictable response times, assured data persistence, and good disk I/O performance under load. 

In particular, the testing has confirmed that the Google Compute Engine is a valid platform for running DataStax Enterprise and that the platform offers advantages around its use of persistent disk in terms of an infrastructure as a service platform, said David Kloc, senior vice president, global business development, DataStax.

The DataStax enterprise-grade NoSQL database integrates real-time data with Apache Cassandra, batch analytics, enterprise search, as well as visual monitoring and management. The integration allows enterprises to leverage their hot data in real-time, in the context of their critical business application. DataStax supports applications for more than 300 customers, including eBay, Netflix, Adobe, Constant Contact and Ooyala, as well as 20 companies within the Fortune 100.

Kloc said the testing with Google Compute Engine so far has touched on the three-pronged value proposition of DataStax Enterprise - scalability, reliability and performance. However, the companies intend to go even further on performance and stress testing going forward and also to expand testing to include a current customer in order to gain real-life experience.

The opportunity for DataStax and Google Compute Engine is to be an on-ramp for community uses of Apache Cassandra and DataStax Community Edition to facilitate movement from a testing, development, and exploration environment to “a more rigid product environment in the cloud,” said Kloc.

The test details are outlined in the DataStax blog titled DataStax Enterprise Testing on Google Compute Engine by Quentin Conner.  

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The newest version of DataStax's eponymously named enterprise database platform adds a new in-memory option as well as enterprise search enhancements to support high performance. Along with the latest release of its enterprise NoSQL database, DataStax has also introduced version 4.1 of DataStax OpsCenter which supplies improved capacity management capabilities and visual monitoring of production database clusters.

Posted February 26, 2014