DataStax Grants Early Access to CDC Connector for Kafka

DataStax, the company behind a database built on Apache Cassandra, is opening early access to the DataStax Change Data Capture (CDC) Connector for Apache Kafka.

The DataStax CDC Connector for Apache Kafka gives developers bidirectional data movement between DataStax, Cassandra, and Kafka clusters. CDC is designed to capture and forward insert, update, and delete activity applied to tables (column families).

The DataStax CDC Connector for Apache Kafka makes it easier for developers to build globally synchronized microservices.

It augments Apache Cassandra's proven cross-datacenter replication capabilities to enable seamless data movement between DataStax and microservices.

The connector enables bidirectional data flow between DataStax, Cassandra and Kafka, ensuring that data committed to your system of record database can be forwarded to microservices through Kafka.

Developers are invited to use the early release of the CDC source connector in DataStax Labs in conjunction with any Kafka offering and provide feedback before the product is finalized.

This engineering work by the DataStax Cassandra experts is part of the company's commitment to make distributed and enterprise application development easy and obvious for developers.

“Data engineers and data scientists want to understand how to extract useful features from graph structured data for their machine learning pipelines,” said Denise Gosnell, head of global practice at DataStax.

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