DataStax Improves Management with DataStax Enterprise 3.2 and OpsCenter 4.0

DataStax, which provides Apache Cassandra-based database software and visual monitoring tools, has announced DataStax Enterprise 3.2 which features new automatic DataStax Management Services and improved visual management with DataStax OpsCenter 4.0.

With the new releases, the NoSQL database vendor  now delivers advanced automated management and monitoring services.  The goal is to “take as much management burden off the shoulder of the administrator and operation staff and instead have it handled on the database," said RobinSchumacher, vice president of products at DataStax, in a recent interview.

In the DataStax Enterprise 3.2 management suite there are two new services, the Capacity and Repair services. In the past, administrators have struggled with capacity planning, said Schumacher. “Our Capacity planning service smartly collects in a very efficient manner so that there is no performance overhead,” Schumacher said. The Capacity service allows customers to have a visual interface so they can look back over time intervals, and with a click of a button, take these statistics and forecast into the future.

The Repair service allows customers to gain insight into when and how often to repair data inconsistencies across a distributed database cluster. With the repair service, a customer can flip a switch via the command line or from within OpsCenter, and data inconsistencies are automatically repaired in a manner that causes little to no overhead on a cluster.

DataStax OpsCenter 4.0 Productivity Features

The release of OpsCenter 4.0 includes features that represent significant productivity improvements for DataStax customers, according to the company. “With OpsCenter, we have enhanced the interface so you can bring up one screen that has all your clusters and nodes and you can select all of them or a subset of them, click a button and have your operation done across all nodes at the same time,” explained Schumacher.

DataStax has also increased capabilities for customers who want to run analytics and enterprise search operations on Cassandra data. DataStax has added extra support for SQL on the analytics side and on the enterprise search side so much of the operations are now handled on the database.

Storing 95% of their data in Cassandra, Netflix is a DataStax customers, and DataStax has over 300 customers, 20 of them being Fortune 100 companies, according to the vendor. In July, DataStax received $45 million in additional funding, bringing its total funding to $84 milion.

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The newest version of DataStax's eponymously named enterprise database platform adds a new in-memory option as well as enterprise search enhancements to support high performance. Along with the latest release of its enterprise NoSQL database, DataStax has also introduced version 4.1 of DataStax OpsCenter which supplies improved capacity management capabilities and visual monitoring of production database clusters.

Posted February 26, 2014