DataStax Integrates with Microsoft Semantic Kernel to Power RAG App and Agent Development

DataStax, the generative AI data company, is announcing an integration with Microsoft Semantic Kernel—an open-source SDK  that simplifies the building of agents with an organization’s existing code. The integration—which combines the powers of Astra DB as a vector database and Microsoft Semantic Kernel—will allow developers to benefit from the streamlined creation of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications and AI agents.

While generative AI (GenAI) and RAG popularity surges, developers are left with a heavy burden to rapidly innovate and develop applications that meet the complex demands of their end users.

Fueled by the GenAI era, DataStax’s latest integration aims to bring both ease and intelligence to the workflows of developers that are required to innovate the best of the best, according to the company. Designed for C#, Python, or full-stack application developers, DataStax’s Astra DB, paired with Microsoft Semantic Kernel, enables developers to construct more powerful RAG apps underpinned by enterprise data.

“Out of the box RAG solutions are in high demand and are a pivotal differentiator for enterprises building GenAI applications because of the complexities and many obstacles that developers face,” said Ed Anuff, CPO, DataStax. “The integration between Astra DB and Semantic Kernel goes beyond technical upgrades, it opens the doors to a spectrum of generative AI use-cases, ranging from tailored customer support to insightful product recommendations. It's not just about simplifying development; it's about fostering the creation of more intelligent, responsive, and personalized generative AI applications that have the potential to reshape entire industries.”

Semantic Kernel offers several crucial features, including semantic functions, chaining capabilities, planners, and connectors for a variety of enterprise applications and data sources. With Astra DB’s high relevancy, ultra-low latency, and global-scaling, developers leveraging this integration benefit from both vector power and an extensible SDK.

"Our dedication to advancing AI technology in regulated sectors like healthcare is unwavering. Skypoint is at the forefront of developing and applying practical use cases and solutions through our industry-specific AI platform (AIP), aimed at enriching patient care and fostering transformative experiences," stated Tisson Mathew, CEO and founder of Skypoint. “The integration of Semantic Kernel into Astra DB is a game-changer for us, enhancing the way insights are generated and conveyed to our users through private AI Copilots, elevating every experience across the continuum of care.”

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