DataStax Launches Strategy Focusing on its Customer Experience Solutions

DataStax is unveiling new solutions to help users achieve their Customer Experience (CX) goals as part of a new comprehensive strategy the company is deploying.

“It’s hard to imagine any company not thinking about customer experience,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO of Data Stax.

DataStax is unveiling the new DataStax CX Data Solution. Additionally, DataStax announced a new version of its flagship product, DataStax Enterprise (DSE), furthering its leadership position as the always-on data platform of choice for modern cloud applications.

The CX Data Solution includes the DataStax Enterprise data platform, plus world-class consulting and training from experts who have helped implement some of the largest real-time data architectures in the world, along with partner integration.

“Once we understand customers we can go beyond and make recommendations and fill in gaps on customer engagement,”

DataStax is already using DataStax Enterprise to power its own CX initiatives. With the power of DataStax Graph on top of DSE, the company’s sales and marketing teams have a holistic view of every customer touch point in real-time, from digital to offline, and can instantly know the context and history behind each DataStax customer’s experience.

This information has helped DataStax deliver better solutions to customers and more accurately address its pipeline and new business opportunities.

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