DataStax and Hitachi Collaborate to Optimize Manufacturing IoT data

DataStax, a provider of a distributed hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra, is entering a partnership with Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan, optimizing manufacturing processes with Internet of Things data.

The collaborative technologies will enable various solutions for manufacturers, including product sequence optimization, supply chain optimization, product traceability, and product plan optimization.

Hitachi’s digital twin solution, part of Hitachi’s Lumada Solution, is tailored for IoT digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. The solution leverages DSE and DSE Graph to integrate the various data silos in manufacturing and operational processes. The solution also leverages DSE to establish a digital replica of data relationships in the manufacturing process for factories and warehouses with IoT data.

Hitachi has also built a proprietary data model to visualize and streamline production operations based on DSE Graph.

“We are very pleased to partner with Hitachi and bring the power of DSE to more Japanese enterprises,” said Matt Rollender, vice president of global business development at DataStax. “A powerful solution like Hitachi’s digital twin solution requires an always-on, real-time, and distributed cloud database, but, most importantly, the expertise and support DataStax offers. We are excited to partner with Hitachi to help solve the database needs for the manufacturing industry.”

This Hitachi digital twin solution facilitates continuous and timely artificial intelligence (AI) analysis and simulation and helps optimize the manufacturing production process.

The solution defines and connects data from various manufacturing operations, such as casting, press processing, welding, painting, and assembly.

By connecting the siloed data across various manufacturing production processes, the solution makes it easier to extract the necessary data to analyze and find relationships in data.

DSE is an always-on, active everywhere cloud database with Apache Cassandra as its foundation. It includes search, analytics, developer tooling, and operations management, all in a unified security model.

DSE Graph is an add-on to DSE that enables enterprises to identify and analyze hidden relationships between connected data to build powerful applications. DSE Graph handles large, complex, relationship-heavy data sets at enterprise scale.

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