DataStax and Simba Technologies Partner to Deliver ODBC Connector for Big Data

DataStax, provider of software, support and training for Apache Cassandra, has partnered with data access and analytics vendor Simba Technologies to deliver an ODBC 3.52 Hive connector to DataStax Enterprise. Built on Apache Cassandra, the scalable NoSQL platform is designed to manage real-time, analytic and enterprise search data in the same database cluster.

The Simba ODBC 3.52 Hive connector for DataStax Enterprise integrates with desktop BI applications and traditional database platforms, as well as Hadoop batch analytics tools. This tool features direct BI application connectivity to DataStax, negating data extraction. Compliance with the latest ODBC 3.52 data standard provides the broadest application connectivity. “We can plug into an existing set of frameworks, databases, and technologies that previously didn’t have a big data connection,” Michael Shaler, DataStax’s senior director of business development, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

According to the vendors, ODBC has been the flagship API for SQL ever since it was developed in 1992, and is the most common data interface used by BI, data analysis and reporting applications for relational data connectivity. The Simba ODBC 3.52 Hive connector for DataStax Enterprise is available today.

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