Database Load Balancer Private Beta Program Targets Users of MySQL on Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS

ScaleBase is seeking 50 additional customers to participate in an expanded private beta program for the ScaleBase Database Load Balancer, which enables multiple database servers to work like a single database.

The ScaleBase private beta was first announced on January 1, and since then dozens of customers have registered for the program. The company is now seeking additional users of MySQL on Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS who would like to try the technology.  "We are looking to reach 100 private beta customers before we go to public beta," Liran Zelkha, co-founder and vice president of sales at ScaleBase, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  While for this private beta, the company is "targeting the public cloud and MySQL, which is very common in public cloud environments," Zelkha adds, "We will be publishing a new version soon with support for other databases."

Problems with scaling and availability for databases are common for many companies, "ranging from startups with two people who develop their software in the garage and running on a public cloud, up to the biggest enterprises," observes Zelkha. "Our solution basically allows you to scale the database and achieve high availability for the database in a 100% transparent manner. We will allow you to add more and more database instances, but since we have a load balancer in front of the database, it is going to be totally transparent to the application in terms of how many databases there are."

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