Database Plugins Introduces Secure Data-Layer Transcoding Environment

Database Plugins, a provider of data-centric computing solutions, has announced the addition of a secure transcoding framework to its line of media management software. The solution, “dbTranscoder,” addresses the storing, streaming and transcoding of media data in an Oracle database.

Media data can now be transcoded to-and-from Oracle 11g databases without the data ever existing at any point in time as a file in a directory, precluding the need for shared file systems and their administrative and security requirements. “This mechanism allows you to store your multimedia data in the database but still manipulate it through common file-based semantics by programs that are expecting that multimedia data to exist in a file somewhere. Presently, nobody can do anything like that,” Steve Guilford, founder and CEO of Database Plugins, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Additionally, media can be captured by the database directly from originating devices.

Based upon “dbObscura,” a file interface to data stored in an Oracle database, it is designed for use in automated, logically controlled environments. Co-operative programs are able to access BLOB data stored in Oracle databases through the use of common file I/O semantics. Programs that think they are accessing data from a file are actually reading and writing data to-and-from the database. “Being able to leverage this capability to build a secure workflow environment where the media data never leaves the security of the database can be extremely valuable to media companies, defense contractors, intelligence agencies, the government and so forth,” Guilford explains.

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