Database Security Suite from Sentrigo Expands Sybase Support

Sentrigo, Inc., a provider of database security and data protection solutions for the data center and the cloud, has released version 4.1 of its Hedgehog Enterprise database security suite, a fully integrated database activity monitoring and vulnerability assessment solution for enterprise organizations.

The suite now provides additional platform support of Sybase and MySQL databases in Hedgehog DBscanner - the enterprise-class vulnerability assessment and security scanning solution the company introduced in September, 2010.

Sentrigo will continue to add more platform support over time, but at this point, DBscanner provides a broad range of support, Andy Feit, vice president of marketing, Sentrigo, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Hedgehog DBscanner supports scanning of Oracle version 8i or later, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or later, IBM DB2 version 8.1 or later for Linux, UNIX and Windows, and now supports Sybase ASE version 12.5 or later and MySQL version 4.0 or later.

As part of v4.1, Hedgehog DBscanner now conducts checks for nearly 4,000 potential weaknesses, including tests for operating system-level configuration aimed at identifying potential vulnerabilities that stem from the installation and setup of the database management systems, and not necessarily from the DBMS software itself. These OS-level checks further automate the process of achieving compliance for key security benchmarks.

To assist organizations in identifying which databases across the enterprise contain sensitive data, the data discovery functionality of Hedgehog DBscanner has also been extended to allow customers to define their own criteria for pattern matching and provides the ability to flexibly control the sampling and thresholds for evaluating database content against discovery rules. The ability to find databases containing sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and credit card numbers was previously available in DBscanner, but the new capability addresses customers' requests to allow them to shape their searches for sensitive data to find, for example, their own custom account number formats, notes Feit.

The Hedgehog Enterprise database security suite also includes the ability to automatically scan networks to discover databases. To speed initial setup for those customers who already maintain a complete list of all databases in their organization, the new version allows immediate loading of all database configuration information and metadata in a single click. Once the import is completed, network scanning will then identify any missed, new or rogue databases that are found.

To protect from misuse by authorized users, Hedgehog Enterprise v4.1, Sentrigo's flagship database activity monitoring solution, introduces the ability to monitor value changes by recording the values before and after a transaction. For a certain set of highly sensitive tables, organizations may want to keep track of not just the fact that they were touched by authorized users, but also the exact nature of any change made, explains Feit. While authorized users may have privileges to update database records, being able to see precisely what was changed can assist auditors in determining if a change was appropriate. Details of who made a change, at what time, and using which application, are now displayed along with the values both before and after the update.

More information about Hedgehog Enterprise v4.1 and Hedgehog DBscanner is available here.