Database Week Coming to NYC in May

Database Week, a follow-on to the Database Month conference held this year in January, will be presented May 14 through May 23 in New York City. Described by Eric David Benari, chairman of the event,  as a "database festival,"  the upcoming conference sessions are focused on four main categories of technology: big data, NoSQL, NewSQL, and Hadoop. Like Database Month, Database Week is being spearheaded by the NYC MySQL group but is database technology-agnostic, Benari tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The format of the upcoming conference will also be similar to that of Database Month, Benari notes. Conference sessions by VoltDB, HPCC Systems, Objectivity, Pythian as well as others will be held in multiple locations in midtown Manhattan and be spread out non-consecutively over evenings so attendees can participate in the sessions they are interested in after work hours. Extending over more than seven days, Benari jokes that the "concept of ‘week' is a metaphor,"

The events are free, and refreshments as well as opportunities for networking, and the chance to win prizes will be offered at every session, Benari says. RSVP is required. 

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