Database as a Service Comes to the Enterprise at Data Summit Connect 2021

While the relationship between an agile organization and its success in the marketplace is clear, the competitive marketplace is tougher than ever, with technology-savvy innovators entering industries and challenging existing enterprises.

DevOps encapsulates the efficiencies necessary for the rapid, quality delivery of the software that drives these innovators. The database portion of the application is just as important as the application code and has been identified as a contributor to DevOps friction.

At Data Summit Connect 2021, Paul Bartak, distinguished engineer, Rocket Software, discussed the core components to provide Db2 for z/OS DBaaS during his presentation, “Database as a Service Comes to the Enterprise.”

Before you buy DevOps, you have to do DevOps, Bartak said. It is a large topic that encompasses many areas with the developer serving a key role.

Elevating the developer is making the Db2 for z/OS operations run smoother. Liberating the administrator is another goal, they need to perform higher level tasks for the enterprise, he explained.

This platform can provide faster response for the line of business and minimize wait times for developers.

Organizations can elevate the developer by tooling on-demand, self-service, developer driven solutions.

Database as code helps to liberate the administrator, he explained. It fuels provisioning request and change deployments.

“It unites the application version control and your infrastructure as code,” Bartak said.

Having the proper management is also important to make everything work smoothly. By setting up separate environments for users for provisioning take place. This should make the administrator comfortable.

Most DevOps is happening in a shared environment, he noted. Companies need to be able to to register participating Db2s and Db2 objects, control where provisioning activities will take place with limits, have storage monitoring, easy visibility to rules, and more.

There are many open source and commercial pipelines available. Workflows can orchestrate services much like scheduler orchestrates job streams like REST calls, shell scripts, and templates. And scripting languages can customize the experience.

According to Bartak, things to consider when composing APIs includes:

  • Metadata management
  • Synchronous versus asynchronous
  • Polling (for asynchronous)
  • Getting started with checking for documentation

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