Databricks Delivers Suite of Pre-Built Solutions Tailored to Telecommunications and Network Service Providers

Databricks, the data and AI company, is introducing the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications, a unified data and AI platform tailored for telecommunications carriers and network service providers.

With the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) benefit from a unified foundation for their data and AI, and can gain a holistic view of their networks, operations, and customer interactions without sacrificing data privacy or confidential IP, according to Databricks.

Built on an open lakehouse architecture, the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications combines industry-leading data management, governance, and data sharing with enterprise-ready generative AI and machine learning (ML) tools.

According to the company, Databricks created the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications to empower CSPs to better forecast market trends, predict demand patterns, monetize their data as a product, and democratize data insights to all employees, regardless of technical expertise.

Early adopters of the Data Intelligence Platform include industry leaders like AT&T, which leverages the platform to protect its customers from fraud and increase operational efficiencies.

The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform for Communications makes it possible for CSPs to:

  • Use all types of data to improve CX and support
  • Unified governance and compliance
  • Enable inexpensive and open collaboration

Built on top of the Data Intelligence Platform, Databricks and its ecosystem of partners offer packaged solution accelerators to help organizations tackle the most common and high-value use cases in the industry.

These include several communications-specific accelerators, such as:

  • Large Language Models (LLMs) for Customer Support
  • Telco Network Analytics
  • Geospatial Analytics to Identify Fraud
  • Customer Entity Resolution

“The need for a modern and unified data analytics and AI platform has never been greater. The Data Intelligence Platform for Communications was designed to meet the dynamic needs of customers at scale, while delivering enterprise-grade security and intelligently reducing costs to operate,” said Steve Sobel, global industry leader for communications, media, and entertainment at Databricks. “It seamlessly creates avenues for CSPs to personalize, monetize, and innovate in the communications industry to decrease churn, improve service, and create new revenue streams with data they already have.”

According to Databricks, only the Data Intelligence Platform combines the unified data and governance benefits of the data lakehouse with the transformative capabilities of generative AI.

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