Databricks Targets Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries with Data Lakehouse Platform

Databricks has launched a lakehouse platform customized for the healthcare and life sciences industries. The Databricks Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences  provides a single platform for data management, analytics and advanced AI use cases like disease prediction, medical image classification, and biomarker discovery so healthcare organizations can deliver on the promise of precision medicine.

Early adopters include GE Healthcare, Regeneron, ThermoFisher and Walgreens, as well as partners like Lovelytics, John Snow Labs and ZS Associates. 

"With the Lakehouse for Healthcare and Sciences, we can help accelerate the development of novel therapeutics and fundamentally change the way care is delivered by going from measuring disease to predicting it," said Michael Sanky, global industry lead for healthcare and life sciences at Databricks. Databricks’ Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences offers customers tailored data and AI solutions to address common industry challenges including analytics accelerators and open source libraries and a certified ecosystem of partners to help organizations jumpstart their analytics projects and save development time for data engineers and data scientists.

These capabilities include:

  • Disease Risk Prediction: use ML to assess the risk of a patient for a given condition based on a patient’s encounter history and demographics information.
  • Digital Pathology Classification: rapidly analyze thousands of whole slide images with deep learning to automate the detection of metastasis.
  • Real World Evidence Suite: seamlessly ingest a wide variety of data types, map to analytic data models like OMOP, and build cohorts with tools like propensity score matching.
  • Natural Language Processing with John Snow Labs: analyze unstructured medical text using NLP for use cases such as oncology research, drug safety monitoring and anonymizing PHI.
  • Interoperability with Lovelytics: automate the ingestion of streaming FHIR bundles into the lakehouse for downstream patient analytics at scale.
  • Biomedical Research with ZS Associates: improve biomarker discovery for precision medicine with a highly scalable and extensible whole-genome processing solution.

For more information, visit the Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences homepage.