Databricks joins Alation’s Open Data Quality Initiative to Strengthen Trust in Data

Alation, Inc., the data intelligence company, is deepening its integration with Databricks to offer trusted data for AI initiatives to the enterprise—strengthening the partnership through the Alation Open Data Quality Initiative improves data reliability, streamlines compliance, and facilitates effective decision-making.

With improved data lineage visibility and data governance, data scientists, engineers, and AI/ML professionals can now confidently leverage high-quality data, powering transformative AI and data initiatives, according to Alation and Databricks.  

Alation and Databricks are boosting their partnership to combat a variety of challenges and enable AI/ML teams to efficiently find, understand, and trust information from diverse data sources. This deepened integration introduces tools, such as trust flags, impact analysis, and comprehensive data profiling, to safeguard data accuracy and integrity across the enterprise, according to the companies.

These measures are essential for ensuring data consistency, accuracy, validity, completeness, timeliness, and uniqueness at scale—creating a single source of truth where high-quality, AI-ready data is readily accessible throughout the organization.  

“Organizations require complete visibility into their data estate to advance AI initiatives and foster a data culture,” said Roger Murff, VP of technology partners at Databricks. “Our deepened integration with Alation improves data trust and delivers a unified view, facilitating collaboration and smooth Data Intelligence Platform adoption and providing teams with AI-ready data, accelerating strategic AI projects. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with Alation to ensure comprehensive visibility and data reliability, empowering users to make smarter business decisions and develop dependable AI models.” 

Alation deepened its partnership with Databricks to further instill trust in lakehouse data with: 

  • Data quality monitoring: Users can effortlessly monitor data quality metrics by leveraging Databricks Lakehouse Monitoring results within Alation, providing all users, including AI/ML engineers, with comprehensive data health insights and controls. An API-driven Data Health tab in Alation increases organizational visibility and boosts confidence in AI and data-driven initiatives. 
  • Data quality visualization: The integration with Databricks Lakehouse Monitoring converts complex profiling and drift metrics into clear, actionable rules and visualizations on the Data Health tab.
  • Data quality insights: Integrating Databricks Lakehouse Monitoring with Alation’s intuitive interface enhances data accessibility and trust across the organization by exposing data quality profiles identified in Databricks to a broader audience.

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