Datadobi Brings Unstructured Data Management Solutions to the AWS Marketplace

Datadobi, the solutions provider for unstructured data management, is announcing that its StorageMAP Assess solution and StorageMAP Unstructured Data Management software will now be available in the AWS Marketplace—a digital catalog that streamlines software findability, testing, buying, and deployment—granting the solutions a remarkable boost in accessibility and reach.

Both solutions exist under the StorageMAP umbrella, designed to aid enterprises managing unstructured data across on-prem and cloud environments. StorageMAP optimizes data value by integrating metadata analytics and search capabilities into an enterprise’s unstructured data, transforming it into an easily searchable, discoverable, and organized entity, according to Datadobi.

The two iterations tackle different aspects of unstructured data management; StorageMap Assess delivers insights and analytics based on an unstructured data environment, while StorageMAP Unstructured Data Management enables enterprises to act on that data.

The availability of Datadobi’s solutions on the AWS Marketplace means unstructured data management is merely a few clicks away, according to the vendor. The benefits are twofold; Datadobi’s reach and customer base expands, while existing Datadobi users experience more streamlined access to the solutions. Additionally, AWS Marketplace’s billing and account management simplifies customer subscriptions and sale margins, easing the workload on Datadobi’s channel partners.

"The exponential growth of unstructured data continues to create challenges for organizations, and Datadobi is committed to providing comprehensive solutions to address these challenges. The availability of Datadobi's StorageMAP Assess solution and StorageMAP Unstructured Data Management software in AWS Marketplace is a significant milestone in our mission to bring order to heterogeneous unstructured storage and hybrid-cloud environments,” said Steve Leeper, VP of product marketing at Datadobi. “The availability of Datadobi's solutions in AWS Marketplace provides a streamlined way for our channel partners to help their end customers to manage their unstructured data in the cloud. We believe that by making our solutions more accessible and convenient, we can help more organizations mitigate risk and cost while maximizing the value of their data.”

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