Dataguise Big Data Security Suite Offers Access Monitoring/Entitlement for On-Premise and Cloud Deployments

Dataguise has rolled out DgSecure version 5.0, the latest generation of its DgSecure platform. The new release aims to enable businesses to scale sensitive data discovery, automate data protection, and achieve a comprehensive view of their sensitive data assets across the full spectrum of big data and traditional data repositories, both on-premise and in popular cloud platforms.

DgSecure version 5.0 includes enhancements such as the addition of security access monitoring and entitlement functionality which allows administrators to define and audit sensitive data interactions.

By combining sensitive data discovery with integrated access control list (ACL) permissions as defined in Apache Sentry, Apache Ranger or MapR’s ACLs, the company says, enterprises can see complete sensitive data access and entitlement within Hadoop. This includes information about the status of sensitive data with greater control over which users can view the information. 

Version 5.0 enhancements includes the ability to run virtually in the cloud to support Hadoop operations, including big data repositories in AWS, Amazon EMR, Azure, and HD Insight; enhanced automation features through Oozie support to facilitate full job scheduling and automation of discovery and protection via security workflow scripting/command line interfaces; automated cell-level encryption (AES and FPE) capabilities for Flume, Sqoop, and HIVE API; and multi-cluster support from a single integrated dashboard with certified integrations for Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Pivotal HD.

“With DgSecure version 5, our joint customers gain enhanced granular, and precise control of sensitive data by combining DgSecure with Cloudera’s industry leading data governance and security capabilities. The new discovery and entitlement features will make it even easier for businesses to define and enforce remediation policies in support of customer initiatives,” said Tim Stevens, vice president, business and corporate development at Cloudera.

“With a data-centric approach for protecting large data sets, Dataguise provides a rigorous model of defense for secure, monitored access to data without undue complexity or performance barriers,” said Steve Wooledge, vice president product marketing, MapR Technologies. “This approach is aligned with the MapR strategy and capabilities for securing and governing data in business-critical Hadoop deployments. We are pleased to work with Dataguise to ensure security and compliance with industry-leading innovations for Hadoop and NoSQL.”

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