Dataguise DgSecure Extends Data Security with Support for AWS EMR/S3

Dataguise, a provider of data security solutions, is making DgSecure available for the detection, monitoring, and protection of sensitive data across Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) and all Elastic MapReduce (EMR) platforms that use AWS S3.

According to the vendor, as AWS S3 grows in popularity at the enterprise level, there is a need to integrate the detection and monitoring of sensitive data stored in S3 with data sources distributed throughout organizations.

Dataguise provides a security and governance solution for big data, structured and unstructured data, on-premises and in the cloud, with processing and enterprise-wide visibility under a unified platform. 

The addition of AWS EMR/S3 support extends DgSecure’s coverage for complete ownership of sensitive information. DgSecure was “architected from day-one” to work on-premise and in the cloud and that is why the partnership with Amazon progressed so quickly, observed Venkat Subramanian, CTO of Dataguise.

Dataguise DgSecure for AWS EMR/S3 scans for sensitive information in the Amazon cloud storage infrastructure and identifies the location and status of the information throughout its lifecycle. Board-level business dashboard provides a single pane of glass indicating where sensitive data resides in the organization, regardless of location or platform.

Dataguise’s support for AWS S3 is now included in DgSecure 6.0, the latest generation software.  Dashboard views are provided out-of-the-box to enable stakeholders in enterprise data security to understand coverage, exposure, gaps, and progression. This is critical in the big data space, noted Subramanian, since 90% of all clusters are created to do a particular job and then the cluster is taken down and the data is stored, for future use.

The solution allows data to be masked or encrypted based on business rules, and sensitive data such as PII can be shared with authorized AWS EMR users according to role-based access controls, said Subramanian.

Dataguise is also working with organizations and agencies in the federal government space, said Subramanian. There is a new mandate for federal agencies to share their data across data lakes, but with that cooperation, there is also a need for an additional level of control, he noted.

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