Dataguise Improves DgSecure with Enhanced GDPR Features

Dataguise, a provider of data privacy protection and compliance, is introducing a GDPR solution suite for DgSecure, featuring support for important DBMS applications, new privacy data count reporting, and dashboard upgrades for global GDPR oversight.

These and other new capabilities support a wide range of data-centric applications including the need for secure data analytics.

“We introduced the ability to access rights in GDPR,” said Subra Ramesh, VP of Products for Dataguise. “Right of access and right of erasure, we automated these capabilities in the backend.”

New features include:

  • Expanded GDPR platform support for additional DBMSs and streamlined flow of Right of Access (RoA) and Right to Erasure (RtE) across data platforms;
  • Unique and Total Counts of sensitive information detected - for use in GDPR Breach Reporting;
  • New GDPR view within the DgSecure dashboard;
  • Enhanced isolation for multiple groups using the product within multi-tenant environments;
  • New built-in scheduler for GDPR compliance related procedures;
  • Alert monitoring in Syslog format for system information and event management (SIEM) integration;
  • Embeddable "DgCore" library with core DgSecure functionality, and
  • Detection of sensitive data for SAS/SPD environments.

“This is very important from a breach reporting angle for GDPR,” Ramesh said.

The product is designed for large enterprises with multiple departments, according to Ramesh.

Looking to the future the company will continue its partnership with Snowflake, extend other integrations, and more, Ramesh explained.

“This really opens up DgSecure capabilities to a much larger set of target systems,” Ramesh said.

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