Dataguise Introduces DgSuite 3.5 for Sensitive Data Discovery, Masking and Risk Management

Dataguise, a provider of enterprise data privacy solutions, has introduced its latest generation of database security solutions for sensitive data discovery, masking and sensitive data risk management. DgSuite 3.5 provides proactive risk-based enterprise security intelligence and solutions for transparently securing personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry (PCI) data, information covered by HIPAA regulations and other sensitive data located in structured database repositories across distributed enterprise environments.

DgSuite 3.5 features the new DgDashboard for actionable intelligence that enables executives, information security professionals, compliance and infrastructure managers to better understand shared responsibilities for protecting data. The solution also includes DgDiscover, automating the identification, categorization and periodic review of sensitive data holdings. In addition, high performance masking on-demand with DgMasker transparently protects data in non-production and business analysis environments.

The new release allows the discover agents and the masking agents to roll up into one central management system, Allan Thompson, executive vice president of Dataguise, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The complete solution now is leading in its space. It is the first time that CIOs and CISOs have a control board that they both can access to view what is going on in their enterprise."

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