Dataguise Introduces Support for Popular Relational Database Systems on Microsoft Azure

Dataguise, provider of data-centric security solutions for detecting and protecting confidential information, is now securing relational databases such as Oracle and SQL Server, as well as Teradata data warehouses, deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

“What started off as a desktop product that addressed relational database needs for dev and test use cases, we’ve now come a long way in terms of supporting other data stores,” Venkat Subramanian, vice president of engineering for Dataguise.

Dataguise DgSecure is an integrated security solution that provides enterprises with accurate and detailed control over sensitive data protection for reducing risks.

Now Azure users can utilize big data and cloud technologies for improved business intelligence and performance.

“Users can have a database through Azure and they can have a copy of the database where they can do discovery and masking while also providing the auditing capability through watermarking to see if the database is clean or not,”

Dataguise DgSecure removes the biggest concern when doing business in the cloud, securing an enterprise’s most valuable and confidential information.

“Customers needed assurance that they know exactly what’s in the database and what’s been done so you can audit the operation that’s been done and you can tell if a particular database is masked or not,” Subramanian said.

With DgSecure, Azure users can securely move data between on-premise and cloud infrastructure with full workflow and automation, simplifying the application of security across current and newly installed RDBMS warehouses.

Users don’t have to have systems sitting idly or have an under or over configured system and with this enhancement they can set up a system configured to needs on the fly, Subramanian explained.

“The product is extensible so you can add your own data type and your own ways of masking the content and pull all those together into a single policy,” Subramanian said.

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