Dataguise Launches Support for Google Cloud Storage

Dataguise’s DgSecure Detect platform now supports sensitive data detection on Google Cloud Storage (GCS), allowing users to leverage Google’s powerful object storage service to understand where sensitive data is located.

Integration with GCS extends the range of platforms supported by DgSecure Detect, which helps data-driven enterprises move to the cloud with confidence by providing precise sensitive data detection across the enterprise, both on premises and in the cloud.

Sensitive data detection capabilities for Google Cloud Storage include the ability to detect high volumes of disparate, constantly moving and changing data with time stamping; support for a flexible information governance model; processes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured or free-form data formats; provides automated detection and processing of a variety of file formats and file/directory structures; and provides deep content inspection using patent-pending techniques.

These new capabilities enable enterprises from a range of industries—including finance, insurance, healthcare, government, technology and retail—to gain accurate insight on where sensitive data resides in GCS so it can be protected properly.

“Enterprises want to focus on their own business and not have to worry about the data center,” said aid Venkat Subramanian, CTO at Dataguise. “This opens that up in a big way.”

DgSecure Detect discovers, counts, and reports on sensitive data assets in real time within the unified object-based storage of GCS.

DgSecure allows organizations to comb through structured, semi-structured, or unstructured content to find any data deemed “sensitive” by the organization.

Future plans for the company include extending support across the board, according to Subramanian.

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