Dataguise Maximizes Data Protection with Latest Release of DgSecure

Dataguise, a provider of data-centric audit and protection (DCAP), is introducing DgSecure 6.2, enhancing its governance capabilities.

The announcement was made at the 2017 Strata Data Conference in New York. The company is showcasing its latest DCAP solution at the event.

The updates for the platform include improvements such as user and entity behavioral analytics and monitoring using sophisticated machine learning algorithms; support for detection in multiple European languages for GDPR, powered by machine learning; enhanced feature set for sensitive data detection and protection of Linux and Windows file data; monitoring support for Google GCS; sensitive data detection in Google BigQuery; support for Spark-enabled Hadoop clusters; support for Apache Tez; SAML integration for enterprise single sign-on; and robust high availability updates across DgSecure components.

DgSecure is a data-centric audit and protection platform that delivers simple, powerful software for sensitive data governance.

With the evolving state of data architecture, the capabilities in DgSecure 6.2 have been optimized for maximum protection of data throughout structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data both on-premise and in public, hybrid, and private cloud environments.

“Because the volume of sensitive information has gone beyond expectations and is distributed well outside the traditional datacenter, organizations now require a much more fluid data security and compliance strategy,” said JT Sison, vice president, business development and marketing. “CSOs and IT security administrators understand this and recognize the value of simplicity and flexibility we provide for end-to-end compliance enablement. We invite conference attendees to visit our exhibit at the show to learn how simple data compliance has become with DgSecure.”

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