Dataguise Offers Security Solution for Hadoop in the Cloud

Dataguise, a provider of security and data governance solutions for big data, has expanded its DgSecure platform to support Hadoop in the cloud, including full support for Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce). 

Additionally, big data cloud service providers, Altiscale and Qubole, have joined Dataguise's Big Data Protection Partner Program (BDP3) to leverage DgSecure in providing comprehensive discovery, protection and visibility to sensitive data for their cloud-based Hadoop customers. Already a certified partner of Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR, Dataguise now supports all major Hadoop distributions along with Hadoop-in-the-cloud, traditional databases, files, and SharePoint.

“Larger corporations are still storing large amounts of data on premise. What they are storing in the cloud is data that is collected for and in the cloud. A lot of data moving from cloud to on-premise is not happening yet, but a lot movement from premise to cloud is happening,” explained Manmeet Singh, co-founder and CEO of Dataguise. The smaller and medium-sized companies have begun to store their data in the cloud, while many enterprise companies are taking a wait and see approach with cloud data storage.

Traditionally, data has been stored on premise of a business or organization with big databases. Recently though, new methods of data storage have emerged, including data storage on the cloud. Many major companies have been faced with breaches in recent memory with their on-premise data storage. As on-premise data storage continues to grow, organizations will begin to look for other methods of storage, such as the cloud, according to the company.  Whether data is stored on-premise or in the cloud, security is a major factor in the industry today. Dataguise provides data-centric security and data governance solutions. With data beginning to move to the cloud, Dataguise says it has the first "data-centric security solution for Hadoop in the cloud." 

The “Hadoop-as-a-service” (HaaS) market, also termed “Hadoop-in-the-cloud,” is projected to grow to $16.1 billion by 2020, according to a report from Allied Market Research.  The report also points out that Hadoop in the cloud can potentially be a replacement for on-premise Hadoop in the coming years. Dataguise’s platform DgSecure is now set to support Hadoop in the cloud, including the largest cloud Hadoop implementation, Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce). Dataguise and its partners offer their customers full discovery, encryption, masking and redaction for sensitive data in Amazon EMR, as well as at-rest security for sensitive data stored in Amazon S3. With this expansion to their platform Dataguise is looking to set itself up as one of the top security options for Hadoop in the cloud.

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