Dataguise Unveils Sensitive Data Governance Dashboard for DgSecure at Strata + Hadoop World 2016

Dataguise announced general availability of the Dataguise DgSecure Dashboard, a dashboard for visualization of all sensitive data throughout the enterprise—including government-protected PII, PHI, and PCI data—and demonstrated the capability at Strata + Hadoop World Conference in New York City.

According to JT Sison, vice president, marketing and business development for Dataguise, speaking on the show floor, DgSecure helps organizations detect where sensitive data is, audit to understand what sensitive data is connected to and who has access to it, and protects it with masking and encryption. The new dashboard, he said, supports the fourth pillar of the DgSecure strategy, tracking how and where sensitive data is in repositories such as data warehouses, Hadoop, and relational databases, both on premises and in Azure and AWS, and then presents it in a dashboard that aggregates the information across all platforms in one screen.

“We are not a big driver to the cloud, but we are helping it happen,” Sison said at Strata. As big data and cloud computing gain momentum, and also seek to democratize data access, he said, organizations are also struggling to understand what data they have where in order to secure it but also to adhere to regulatory mandates.

With this dashboard, Sison noted, users can see where sensitive assets reside and how much of this data has been protected by masking, encryption, ACL, and alert policies.  Sison said he expects the dashboard to be especially useful in heavily regulated verticals such as financial services, medical, and government.

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