Datameer Creates Data Science Platform for Hybrid Landscapes

Datameer, a provider of data preparation and exploration, is releasing Neebo, a new platform that enables analytics and data science teams to utilize information assets in hybrid landscapes. 

Neebo's self-service platform allows analytics professionals and data scientists to initiate projects in minutes and promptly answer analytics questions or build new models, thereby enabling greater business agility, according to the vendor.

Neebo uses virtualization and AI techniques to support a number of key capabilities. With Neebo, teams can:

  • Connect to analytics and data science assets and use them no matter where they reside
  • Find and explore these assets to help answer analytics questions
  • Combine assets to create new ones that are customized to solve the problem at hand
  • Publish assets that can be consumed by business intelligence and data science tools
  • Share and collaborate to re-use assets and build trust and knowledge across the enterprise

Neebo embeds AI in many of its features including: assisting with discovery of assets so teams can find the optimal ones for their specific problems, providing data blend suggestions, and optimizing queries and caching. All this makes the work of analysts and data scientists easier and faster.

By providing virtualized access to analytics assets, Neebo eliminates costly and error-prone movement, keeps assets securely in place, and ensures a trusted, single source of truth for each asset. Neebo also includes security and governance capabilities that complement and integrate into existing frameworks.

Neebo provides a unified access point for analysts, data scientists, and business stakeholders to more effectively leverage all their data science and analytics assets across the enterprise.

Neebo works with information assets of any type (e.g. data, documents, reports, code, dashboards, SaaS applications, and data science models), no matter where they reside: on-premises, in the cloud, in SaaS applications, or in web services.

"Analytics is not just about data, and many teams struggle to find and connect their siloed analytic assets," explains  Bob Page, Datameer Chief Product Officer. "Neebo is the first holistic solution that virtually connects these silos and enables collaboration without requiring changes to existing analysis or visualization tools."

Neebo complements an organization's existing analytics landscape by working with data sources such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres, and MySQL; data warehouses such as Teradata, Snowflake, and Amazon Redshift; business intelligence tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, and Looker; data science tools like Jupyter Notebooks; and SaaS applications such as Salesforce. Many more integrations are in the works.

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