Datameer Extends Support to Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure

Datameer, Inc. has announced a relationship with Microsoft Corporation to support Datameer on the Apache Hadoop-based service on Windows Azure. The new relationship enables Windows Azure users to perform big data analytics with Datameer's BI platform, and Datameer's customers to run and deploy their solutions on Microsoft's Hadoop-based service on Windows Azure.

"Datameer is excited to support its BI platform on Windows Azure," says Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer. "Microsoft's support for Hadoop together with Datameer's analytics capabilities gives Windows Azure users new options to better understand the world's data."

"Windows Azure users can now take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Hadoop and the complementary end user functionality of Datameer's analytics," notes Herain Oberoi, director of product marketing, at Microsoft. "Microsoft's Hadoop-based service on Windows Azure opens the door to new opportunities for customers of both Datameer and Microsoft."

Datameer is a packaged business intelligence solution for Apache Hadoop. Designed to help business users integrate, analyze and visualize structured and unstructured data, Datameer leverages the linear scalability and cost-effectiveness of Hadoop with packaged business intelligence functionality.

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