Datameer Grows its Analytics Platform

Datameer is enhancing its flagship platform to enable a new class of data-driven business analysts.

Datameer 6 introduces a new front end that reinvents the entire user experience, making the previously linear steps of data integration, preparation, analytics and visualization a single, fluid interaction.

The platform also introduces the addition of Spark to its patent-pending Smart Execution technology, which selects the best processing framework for every single job while abstracting complexity from the end user.

Datameer 6 simplifies the complexity of Spark so users don’t have to learn the necessary programming in order to take full advantage of its processing capabilities.

Incorporating multiple engines provides users with a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of analytical situations, and can scale for the multitude and variety of analytic processing needs that enterprise customers face, according to Datameer.

“It’s not enough to just get data analytics in the hands of business users — it has to be extremely easy to use,” said Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer. “The user experience has to engage them with their work and the goals of the company and the back end needs to handle all of the heavy lifting while removing the technical complexity. We’re bringing both to the market with Datameer 6.”

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