Datameer Increases Big Data Analytics Performance

At Strata + Hadoop World last week Datameer showcased Datameer 5.0 with Smart Execution.

Datameer provides a big data analytics application for the Hadoop ecosystem. The new technology, Smart Execution, examines dataset characteristics, analytics tasks and available system resources to determine the most appropriate execution framework for each workload. This selection is transparent to the end user and does not require IT assistance or extra hardware or software.

According to the company, beta customers have seen a performance increase of up to 2200%  in individual analytics tasks and up to a 200% overall execution speed improvement for their big data analytics pipeline, while consuming far less cluster resources.

“There is a lot of focus at Strata + Hadoop World on big data but we need to move beyond this concept and understand that it’s just about data, regardless of size or shape,” said Stefan Groschupf, CEO.

“Changing execution environments for different use cases every time a new framework is introduced is unsustainable. Datameer Smart Execution intelligently optimizes performance across multiple compute frameworks so companies don’t have to manually code for the next hot technology and users don’t have to decide which technology to pick every time they run an analytics job."

Datameer 5.0 with Smart Execution intelligently and dynamically selects the best-of-breed computation framework at each step in the big data analytics process to determine the most efficient option for the task at hand, with large data analyses executed in a Hadoop cluster using Apache Tez, an optimized form of MapReduce, and smaller data analyses executed on a single Hadoop node or using new in-memory technology. According to the company, this flexible architecture can easily incorporate new advances in the Hadoop ecosystem as they become available and are hardened to become enterprise-grade, including technologies such as Apache Spark.


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