Datameer Introduces Big Data Analytics Platform for Hadoop-as-a-Service

While Hadoop has widely been praised, a common complaint is how complex it is. But despite the challenges, many organizations that may not have expertise to properly use Hadoop are still interested in its impressive storage capabilities.

To help simplify Hadoop deployments, Datameer is partnering with cloud providers Altiscale and Bigstep, to introduce Datameer Professional, a SaaS big data analytics platform targeted at department-specific deployments.

As a fully managed software as a service, Datameer Professional simplifies the process for users and does not require any DevOps or cloud administration, introducing Hadoop as a Service.

“Datameer Professional really eliminates the need for IT to handle buying hardware, provisioning solutions, and getting certified as administrators,” explained Matt Schumpert, director of product management for Datameer 

With the goal of providing a fast on-ramp for business managers to get started with big data without the need for IT to deploy an enterprise-wide solution, Datameer streamlines the big data analytics process into a single self-service big data application on top of Hadoop. The multi-process systems are cut down due features including 70-plus pre-built data connectors for any data type, size or source, a spreadsheet user interface, and  more than 270 pre-built point and click analytic functions.

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