Datameer Releases New Version of Analytics Platform

Datameer, Inc., a provider of end user analytics solutions built on Apache Hadoop, has introduced Datameer 1.4, which adds new functionality in the areas of data management including partitioning, user and data security as well as expanded support for data source adaptors, and support for new versions of Hadoop from Cloudera and IBM.

"This release is our most ambitious engineering effort since Version 1.0 and was driven primarily by input from our customers," said Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer.  "Our innovations in data partitioning, multi-way joins, user and data security and support for new Hadoop distributions from Cloudera and IBM keep both Datameer and our customers at the leading edge of Hadoop-based business intelligence."

Designed to help business users and data analysts integrate, analyze and visualize structured and unstructured data, Datameer aims to combine the linear scalability and cost-effectiveness of Hadoop with complete, packaged analytics functionality.

Adding new functionality for partitioning data sets, Datameer says users can now create time-based partitions from data stored by Datameer in HDFS. When working with data, users can now select subsets of the data by either static (from-to date) or dynamic (e.g., last week) date ranges increasing both performance and usability.

In addition, Datameer now has connectors for data in both PostgreSQL and Greenplum databases, and also supports Cloudera's Hadoop CDH3u1 and CDH3u2, IBM's BigInsights 1.2 (IHC) including GPFS.

Enhancing security, Datameer has added support for Secure LDAP (over SSL) as an external authentication mechanism.

Complete details of the new Datameer Version 1.4 are available here

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