Datameer Updates its Platform with Business Intelligence and Security Enhancements

Datameer is releasing Datameer 6.3, improving data analyst productivity, deepening connectivity into the business intelligence tooling ecosystem, and strengthening security and governance functionalities.

New analytic functions, workbook operations, and improved big data sampling for interactive preparation design enhance self-service analyst access to data lakes.

Datameer 6.3 also introduces new and improved BI integration features, like native support for Tableau 10, export to Tableau in TDE format (complimenting existing export to TDSX format), and a new export connector for Microsoft PowerBI that bolsters previous Integration Link connectivity.

These tight integrations empower business analysts to get more mileage out of existing BI investments and more easily extract the answers they need from their data.

Extended Hive integration with new support for custom Hive queries and Hive Views in Datameer 6.3 enables both easier ingestion from Hive, and easier export to Hive for consumption by other tools.

Additionally, enhanced enterprise security through deeper integration with Active Directory and Secure Impersonation on Hadoop, provides some of the largest banks, telcos and retailers in the world with the security needed to fit into their IT infrastructure and deploy into production with confidence.

These updates will assist customers who use Tableau along with data analysts, according to John Morrell, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Datameer.

“These improvements will give data analysts about a 30 to 40 percent productivity improvement,” Morrell said. “They can crank out more data everyday that people can consume, that’s great, they are getting their job done faster.”

Moving forward the company plans to continue to make enhancements for analysts to further increase productivity, make visual updates, beef up security integrations, and more, Morrell said.

“We’ll continue to work better with the rest of our ecosystem,” Morrell said. “Our customers spoke and we listened and we put these things into the product.”

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