Datameer and Tableau Team Up on One-Click-Bridge Between Solutions

Datameer, an end-to-end big data analytics vendor, is partnering with Tableau to enable their mutual customers to move between platforms to analyze and visualize data. 

“Making big data easy has been our mission from the beginning,” said Matt Schumpert, director of product management at Datameer.“Our goal is to make Hadoopmore accessible to the millions of people that can use tools like Tableau.”

This one-click-bridge between solutions will allow customers to leverage Hadoop to integrate, prepare, and analyze all of their structured and unstructured data in Datameer and, when needed, automatically export it to either Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server to augment their traditional reporting and visual discovery capabilities on highly aggregated, structured data.

“There’s a casual base of users who want to click on a chart to observe their business decisions but they aren’t interested in all of the work that got the data into that shape, which may be very sophisticated,” Schumpert said. “With Tableau you can interact with the visualization directly and manipulate the data that’s being displayed.” 

This opens the door for Tableau customers who need to look beyond structured data to do so in Datameer, and then seamlessly move back to Tableau for visual analytics. “Datameer is on the front end of the process, helping customers integrate all their internal and external data sources into Hadoop,” Schumpert said. “At the end of the process, the user in Datameer can open Tableau and generate the result instantly so they can do the visual discovery seamlessly.” Additionally, customers can automate the publishing process of the data and results to a location where Tableau users can pick them up.

“This is targeted to companies that have already made an investment in Tableau and have users who want to do simple visual discovery and dash boarding of their data,” Schumpert said. “It really customizes reports and that’s the area where [Datameer] doesn’t have any offering and Tableau does. We handle the early stages very well and Tableau handles the end very well.”

The decision to integrate the two functions wasn’t done in a vacuum. Many users expressed the desire for the partnership, Schumpert explained. “We’ve been working collaboratively together with Tableau’s product management team,” Schumpert said. “We expect to deepen that partnership in the future.”

For more information about the integration, go here.