Datawatch Advances Self-Service Data Preparation and Discovery

Datawatch Corporation has unveiled a new solution aimed at managing self-service data preparation and visual data discovery. Dubbed the “Datawatch Managed Analytics Platform,” the new solution includes self-service data preparation, advanced data enrichment, automation without scripting, access to multi-structured data, synchronous visual authoring, visual data discovery, and frictionless governance. The platform is geared toward larger enterprises, IT organizations, and the line of business users.

"Getting good, clean data is tough,” said Joe Lovati, director of business analytics and reporting at Loan Depot.  “Most data doesn't come in an easy-to-use format. But with Datawatch, you can work with even the most difficult data sources like reports, invoices, PDFs and complex real-time streams – the formats that would otherwise take a lot of heavy lifting from IT to access.”

Datawatch has been offering self-service data preparation for years for multi-structured datasets which is not easily accessible for analytics, noted Dan Potter, Datawatch vice president of product marketing.

“In the BI space what you’re seeing is a rush with BI vendors to add the visual-based discovery capabilities,” Potter said. “Now it’s about meeting that data preparation and getting the stuff up-front so the analysts can bring it into these powerful tools for visualization.”

With this new platform, he said, Datawatch has opened up its capabilities to help users get access to any data. “We can help bridge a gap in providing some governance in a way that doesn’t get in the way of the business user agility.”

The Datawatch Managed Analytics Platform is now available with subscription pricing. For more information, visit