Datawatch Corporation Unveils Monarch Swarm Platform

Datawatch Corporation is launching Datawatch Monarch Swarm, an intelligent enterprise data preparation and analytics platform that can transform how businesses interact with and leverage their greatest assets.

With new and innovative applications of machine learning technology to benefit every user no matter their skill-level, Monarch Swarm empowers every individual, department, and organization with advanced intelligence and insight into how data can be used to drive further team collaboration, socialization, and support of data governance practices.

 "For those seeking creative and innovative methods to leverage data and complete detailed analytics projects, Datawatch Monarch Swarm provides everyone — even novice business users — with the techniques to intelligently derive insights that fuel an enterprise's business analytics" said Jon Pilkington chief product officer, Datawatch. "The latest release of our enterprise data preparation platform represents the latest stage in the evolution of data analytics by providing a bridge between IT governance and business analyst agility."

Offered as either a cloud or on-premises data intelligence platform, Monarch Swarm presents business users with a personalized experience for creating, accessing, validating and sharing governed, trustworthy datasets and models to prevent the duplication of work and increase engagement of business users across the company.

The platform's newest features include team-driven data preparation, advanced machine learning, evolved multi-structured data capture, sophisticated data connectors, and dynamic data socialization.

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