Datawatch Introduces Self-Service Data Prep Solution Targeted at Tableau Users

Datawatch Corp. has announced Datawatch Monarch for Tableau, a customized version of its self-service data preparation solution to enable Tableau users to speed time-to-insight from visual analysis.

Despite the growing popularity of self-service analytics solutions that promise to help users generate business results faster, Datawatch contends that many business users still spend too much time on obtaining, accessing, and preparing information, rather than on the actual analysis and visualization of results. The Monarch for Tableau solution is designed to address these challenges, Datawatch says, allowing business users to unlock, prepare and blend dark data for faster insights. 

With this new solution, users can access, manipulate and blend data from multi-structured and unstructured documents such as enterprise reports, web pages, relational databases, cloud-based data sources, PDFs, JSON, and log files, and then export it into the Tableau platform for analysis and visualization, according to Datawatch. 

With analysts predicting that data volumes and information sources will continue to grow exponentially, the ability to find, access and prepare data for analysis is critical, according to Jon Pilkington, chief product officer at Datawatch. Datawatch Monarch for Tableau is targeted at helping Tableau users to accelerate data analysis and visualizations for informed business decision making, he added.

In conjunction with this release, Datawatch says it is also offering a competitive trade-in program for current Alteryx users, providing Monarch for Tableau free for the remainder of their existing contract.

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