Datawatch Reveals Updated Version of its Monarch Platform

Datawatch Corporation unveiled an enhanced version of its self-service data preparation solution, making the platform faster and more intuitive.

Datawatch Monarch 13.5 empowers business users and data analysts to overcome traditional data access and preparation challenges by enabling them to easily and rapidly mine data from virtually any source and then manipulate, blend, enrich, and prepare it for use in analytics tools or optimizing manually intensive business processes.

Version 13.5 allows users the ability to integrate with Microsoft Power BI, access Google Analytics as a data source, enjoy Intuitive import capabilities, instantly work with very large data sets, create shared data source libraries, use Advanced Data Preparation Operations, and become an Instant Data Preparation Expert.

“Business users and data analysts should not have to compromise on data quality, or make decisions based on partial data, to meet deadlines and fulfill business demands,” said Jon Pilkington, chief product officer at Datawatch. “Monarch is designed to empower everyday users to do extraordinary things with their data by automating the retrieval and preparation processes that can so easily become all-consuming. Our goal is to give our customers precious hours back to devote to analysis that drives decision making and delivers business value, and Monarch 13.5 furthers this goal with an emphasis on efficiency, productivity and a seamless user experience.”

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