Datawatch Teams with Oracle to Provide Powerful Records Management Capabilities

Datawatch Corporation has announced that it has integrated the Oracle Universal Records Management (URM) platform into its Business Document Server (BDS) Enterprise Content Management Suite. Users will now be able to leverage the platforms of both vendors as an integrated solution that protects data investments and helps meet the needs of legal and regulatory compliance. The Oracle URM software is fully integrated into the Datawatch platform and the entire solution can be licensed directly from Datawatch. This complete integration will now allow records managers to control records and retention policies for all content stored within the Datawatch BDS archive.

Harvey Gross, vice president of enterprise product development for Datawatch, told 5 Minute Briefing that the company chose Oracle URM as the records management platform to integrate into the Datawatch archive because "it provides granularity down to a single page within a document for tax and litigation holds, is DOD 5015.2 compliant, handles all records management functions from one user interface, provides excellent ease-of-use, and runs on Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM databases."

In conjunction with Datawatch BDS, Oracle Universal Records Management will enable consistent application of retention policies to change the process of legal discovery from a costly "fire drill" activity to a critical business process. Operating through the single Oracle URM interface that is connected to the Datawatch BDS document archive, compliance managers can automatically catalog content on an ongoing basis and retain it as long as legal, regulatory, or business reasons require. As Gross noted above, the combined technology also allows compliance and legal teams to apply litigation or audit holds to content, preventing the accidental or intentional deletion of information that organizations are required to retain.

Now users can easily and cost-effectively access, manage, and produce required data throughout its entire life cycle in a legally defensible manner when responding to litigation, antitrust inquiries, regulatory compliance or investigation.

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