Datawatch and Convergence Consulting Group Partner to Enable Faster BI and Analytics

Datawatch Corporation is partnering with Convergence Consulting Group (CCG), a data and analytics consulting firm, to help CCG customers achieve higher ROI from their existing BI and analytics investments by implementing the Datawatch Monarch self-service data preparation solution.

According to the companies, as BI shifts from being the sole responsibility of IT departments, the problem for business users is that valuable data is often locked away in multi-structured or unstructured documents, such as text reports, web pages, PDFs, JSON and log files, and the only way to gain access to this information is to manually rekey and reconcile the data, which are time-intensive and error-prone processes.

Many organizations do not have an effective self-service data prep solution in place, said Anthony Ciancio, vice president of analytics at CCG. Because business users frequently need answers faster than IT can deliver reports, they require a data prep solution that can help them improve time-to-insight.

Datawatch Monarch automates retrieval and prep processes, enabling users to access, manipulate, enrich and combine disparate data from virtually a variety of sources, and then prepare it for analysis in visualization, analytics and cognitive tools, such as Tableau, IBM Watson Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics.

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