Datawatch and IBM Collaborate to Enrich Data Analytics

Datawatch Corporation is partnering with IBM to deliver enhanced data access and self-service data preparation to IBM Watson Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics users.

“Over the last 10 years there’s been a big shift from centralized business intelligence led by IT to more business user driven self-service analytics,” said Dan Potter, CMO. “It’s really created a vacuum in that business users have these powerful tools to visualize and explore data but what they also need is a way to access different data sources and combine those data sources to make the data ready to be brought into these powerful analytics tools.”

Additionally per this agreement, IBM will resell Datawatch Monarch, Datawatch’s self-service data preparation solution which enables business analysts to access, manipulate, and blend data from the widest variety of sources.

By utilizing Datawatch Monarch, IBM Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics users can now rapidly prepare data from any information source, from traditional databases to multi-structured documents, such as PDF and text reports, Web pages, JSON and log files that had previously been locked away.

Users can now access a variety of features, including data preparation, disparate data integration, sharing and automation capabilities, and security and information governance.

IBM clients will benefit the most from this partnership, according to Potter.

“People who are using Cognos are trying to empower business users to blend additional data and gain new insights,” Potter said.  “The faster you can bring data in and the more variety of data sources you can bring in, the better your decisions will be. That’s really the heart of this relationship.”

Planned upgrades for the future include a drag and drop, point and click experience for users where they can unlock, combine, or bring data directly into powerful tools like the IBM portfolio, Potter explained.

“We’re very excited obviously to be working with one of the leading vendors in analytics,” Potter said. “IBM has very much been leading the market around this notion of cognitive computing. That’s one of the things we’re so excited about.”

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