Newsletters Acquires Mighty Canary to Launch new DataOps Application, the data catalog platform, is acquiring the Mighty Canary technology and incorporating it into a new DataOps application to use automations to surface contextual insights and real-time data quality updates directly to the BI, communications, and collaboration tools that data consumers use.

According to the company, the DataOps application provides a seamless way for data teams to update data consumers on the health of their data, communicate important information, and receive feedback—increasing the use of high-quality data.

The new automations streamline communications and help companies make data-driven decisions confidently. Important context and real-time updates can be surfaced from the data catalog and orchestrations tools, like dbt, Matillion, and Airflow, directly to the applications being used to make data-driven decisions.

The flexibility of’s cloud-native platform means context and notifications can be sent to nearly any application, including Slack, Tableau, PowerBI, Looker, ThoughtSpot, Salesforce, and more.

“Data-driven decision making is a team sport. Like software development, there should be an ongoing feedback loop between the builders of data applications and the users of those applications,” said Bryon Jacob, CTO of “ provides a single place to collaborate, communicate, and share important metadata on increasingly complex data pipelines and data-driven applications. We are the glue that gets data to work.”

The new capabilities leverage monitoring agents called BB Bots to send notification automations, called Hoots, in real-time.

The Hoots surface critical communications directly within the applications that the data consumers are using. Once a Hoot is defined, all of the data and reports affected by the update are automatically flagged. The result is a seamless way to communicate important DataOps information without the burden of sending disparate messages and answering, and re-answering, ad hoc questions, according to the vendor.

The Hoots automatically surface a wealth of important information, including:

  • Metric definitions
  • Data quality updates, including pipeline health and freshness
  • Report lifecycle status
  • Analytics on the reports, including usage and ownership
  • Business glossary definitions
  • Related policy and PII information

The new DataOps application will be available free of charge to any user at the standard tier and above.

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